Mitigate The
Risks of Infections.

Leaky ducts can foster infection prone environments due to poor relative humidity, air changes per hour and airflow direction issues. Our technology can help and seal up to 99% of all ducts.

Leaky Ducts. A Breath of Problems.

Ducts are conduits to effectively deliver fresh outdoor air and expel stale, contaminated air. Ducts have a direct impact on the contributing factors involved in the transmission of airborne infections; relative humidity, air changes per hour and airflow direction issues.

World's #1 Duct Sealing Technology

NervaSeal seals up to 99% of duct leaks with an award-winning technology that seals ducts from the inside out. Trusted by 100’s of healthcare facilities and fortune 500 companies around the world, this revolutionary approach ensures a tighter seal, in about half the time and costs when compared to any alternative solution on the market.

After conducting extensive research on the technology, our health and safety officer approved its use. The positive impact that aerosealing the shaft had on system performance was clear and immediate.

Eliminate duct leakage as cause of building-building air contamination.

Hospital monitors detected that an isotope created in one of the institute’s laboratories had somehow migrated to an adjacent wing of the building. The goal for the hospital was to ensure that the isotope wasn’t spreading from one shaft to another.

98.75% Leakage Eliminated
Dramatically improved ventilation efficiency and lower energy costs

Before: Up to 800 CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 10 CFM

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Discover why Alexandra Hospital believes NervaSeal is “no-brainer”.

What Other Hospitals Are Saying

Knowing what I know now, I’m confident in saying this was the only real solution to our problem short of a complete laboratory redesign.

Robert Gaderlund, UCSF Medical Center Mt. Zion

After conducting extensive research on the technology, our health & safety officer approved its use ... the performance was clear and immediate.

Michele Emond, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Within the first night, the CFM’s that were leaking out of the system were brought to 95% sealed.

Tim Foster, Alexandra Hospital

In order for a hospital to be clean, you have to manage the building’s airflow. By sealing the exhaust shafts we ensured that the right amount of stale and potentially infectious air is being adequately and continually removed from the building

Improve Airflow & reduce the risk of nosocomial infections

Engineers weren’t sure where their airflow problems were coming from. They weren’t aware that the negative pressure and inadequate ventilation throughout the 30+ year old building could support the spread of nosocomial infections.

85.3% Leakage Eliminated
Contaminated air is being removed from the building.

Before: Up to 4,912+ CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 723 CFM

Duct Sealing ‘Pays For Itself’

By sealing up to 99% of your leaky ducts, you can expect your hospital energy bills to be cut by up to 30%. In fact, the New York Times states duct sealing as the number one improvement project for energy savings.

★ Optimize Airflow Direction ★ Regulate Air Change Rate Per Hour ★ Control Relative Humidity ★ Reduce Energy Bills up to 30% ★ No Disruptive Demolition Required ★