Duct sealing,
from the inside out

Unlike traditional duct sealing that can only fix what the eyes can see, Nerva Duct Sealing works from the inside of the duct to seal leaks. This inside-out approach not only eliminates the demolition typically needed to access the ductwork, but also helps ensure the entire duct system can be quickly and easily sealed properly on the first attempt.

The sealing equipment is connected to the ductwork via a long, flexible tube and sealant is blown into the duct interior, where it automatically locates and seals the leaks. The microscopic particles of sealant do not coat the duct interior, but rather stay suspended in the air until they come in contact with a leak.

Driven under pressure where the only escape route is via leaks in the duct system, the sealant particles are propelled toward the leak where they cling to the edges of the hole and then to other surrounding sealant particles forming a bond that quickly covers the entire leak.

Step 1

Prepare & Pressurize The Space

Ensure all areas are sealed to effectively pressurize the space.

Step 2

Sealing With Real-Time Results

Technology seals leaks and in real-time will display the results.

Step 3

Verify, Report & Certificates

Receive a certificate with a before/after leakage report.

Nerva Duct Sealing Comparison

See how we stack up against the others

Seal Rate
Project Time
Project Costs
Nerva Duct Sealing
Seal Rate85% - 99% Sealing Rate
Project TimeComplete < 3-4 weeks
Project CostsLower Cost
DisruptionNo Disruption to Day-2-Day Operations
DemolitionNo Extensive Ceiling Opening
InsulationExisting Insulation - Stays Intact
ReportingBefore/After Sealing in Real-Time
CertificateCertificate to Verify % of Seal & CFM's Saved
Warranty3 Year Warranty
Traditional Duct Sealing
Seal Rate50% Can Be Left Unsealed
Project Time6 - 12 Months
Project CostsHigher Cost
DisruptionMinor - Major Disruption
DemolitionRemoval of Fiberglass & Re-Insulation Required
InsulationRemoval of Fiberglass & Re-Insulation Required
ReportingNo Guarantee
CertificateNo Certificate to Verify Effectiveness
WarrantyShort Life Expectancy

Consider Duct Sealing For These Problems

High Energy Costs

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Poor Air Flow

Exhaust Issues

Unbalanced HVAC System

High Levels of Dust

Poor Humidity

Airborne Mold, Bacteria, Viruses