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Worked quickly and effectively to solve a potentially project-derailing obstacle. I imagine there are other campus projects that could use this technology as well.

Balance HVAC system, Eliminate exhaust issues & Reduce building’s energy usage

With little to no access to the shafts’ interior, engineers were looking at the very expensive and disruptive possibility of having to break down and totally rebuild the structures. Without sealing the leaks, engineers would be unable to meet their goals of balancing the HVAC system, eliminating exhaust issues and reducing the building’s energy usage.

98.5% Leakage Eliminated
Exhaust issues resolved
Reduced energy usage & costs

Before: Up to 533 CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 8 CFM

This approach saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in reno costs. Our only alternative was to tear down the walls inside each apartment and seal the individual duct systems manually.

Pass performance audit and meet air handling specifications.

Owners of newly constructed Yorkville high-rise needed to pass its performance audit and meet air handling specifications. They had a choice of using inside-out duct sealing technology or manually seal each of the building’s 25 individual duct systems.

97.8% Leakage Eliminated
Saved hundreds of thousands vs. alt. solutions

Before: Up to 300+ CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 6.5 CFM

We weren’t even sure that leaks were the issue. All we knew was that the new ventilation hoods weren’t functioning properly and we were running out of time. Knowing what I know now, I’m confident in saying it was the only real solution to our problem short of a complete laboratory redesign.

Reduce duct leakage related to Pharmacy ventilation hoods

The Mt. Zion Hospital Pharmacy’s two new ventilating hoods require sufficient exhaust or else a fail-safe system will register a malfunction and equipment will automatically shut off. This is where chemo chemicals are prepared so it is critical that all air borne particles be exhausted from inside the hoods via connecting ductwork that leads outside the building. Even after meticulous construction that included manual sealing of all 300 feet of twisting ductwork, the exhaust system was simply not providing enough pull to meet code or to keep the system running properly.

96% Leakage Eliminated
No interruption to hospital’s regular operations
Proper functioning of the ventilation hoods
Pharmacy certification

Before: Up to 580 CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 23 CFM

The computer generated graph follows the sealing process in real time and we watched as the leaks were sealed and the CFM of lost air went down to practically nothing. There was no other way, short of tearing down and rebuilding the hotel, that we could have gotten anything near these results.

Reduce duct leaks, Save Energy, Improve Indoor Air Quality.

To say that the owners of the Capital Plaza Hotel in Kentucky were energy conservation skeptics would be an understatement. “If it worked, everyone would be doing it” was a familiar sentiment. Today, however, they are true believers.

87.7% Leakage Eliminated
Payback under 2 years
Annual savings approx. $24,000/yr.
Eliminated bathroom exhaust issues & chronic mold problems
Cold spots replaced with even temperatures throughout facilities

Before: Up to 6,270 CFM of leakage After: Average leakage 771 CFM